The Day At Niagara Over The Easter Weekend For Their Annual Easter Day

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This past semester, I worked with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of South Niagara over the Easter weekend for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. This is a charitable event that raises funds for the organization with the help of the City of Welland as well as the Welland firefighters, both volunteer and paid. Also, with the aid of many, many volunteers, the event almost always runs as planned. I have helped at this event for the past two years with friends. Both years, my friends and I have painted faces for a certain number of “tickets” that people can purchase, with all proceeds going to Big Brothers/Big Sisters. This year, my friend and I’s duty was to sit at an assigned table, take the tickets, and paint what the child chose from a sheet of pre-selected designs upon their faces. We also helped with the setup of the event itself, putting up tables and various signs and other things. This experience has been especially significant because I got to see the different ways that parents interact with their children, and vice versa. I found that a shocking number of parents were not worried about the actual painting of their child’s face, but instead were more worried about taking effective pictures of the process and the final product. I had a surprising number of parents actually ask my friend or I to move while painting their child’s face, just so that they could take a picture from a better angle to post on social media or send to others. I think that this among similar actions by…

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