The Davis Family Is A Very Amazing And Heartwarming Story Essay

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The Davis family is a very amazing and heartwarming story. Some would even say their families story is a miracle. Mr. and Mrs. Davis got pregnant with a little boy. Mr. Davis, who was a nurse, knew that there was a very good chance for his baby son to get the sickle cell anemia disease. This disease is found more in the african american race. Sure enough when their baby boy was born he was diagnosed with the sickle cell anemia disease. They were told their little boy would not live to see his teen years. The Davis parents would not take this; they were to look and keep looking for an option that would save their son.
Finally, they had found a doctor that laid out all the options for them. This doctor had told them that their had been a study done that stem cells taken from an adult and transferred to the young boy could save his life. They were overly excited to hear this news, but knew they had time to keep looking before their son reached his teen years. Then, two years later they were enlightened when they found out they would be having another baby boy. They knew this could be a miracle to not only be another beautiful blessing brought into their family, but also a miracle to maybe save their son who carried the sickle cell anemia disease. They were praying that this baby boy would come out healthy and not have the sickle cell disease. Their prayers worked, the baby boy came out very healthy and the doctors collected some of the blood from the umbilical cord at birth.…

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