The Darkness - Original Writing Essay

1372 Words Sep 9th, 2015 6 Pages
I ran for dear life, my insides feeling as if they’d been lit on fire.
Terror ripped through me, and I stifled a scream, not wanting to show the fear that was pulsing through my veins in an attempt to prolong my life. I couldn’t see through the blinding fear. I knew I must find a way to push the fear away. Think. Think. You have to think. I forced back a wave of terror, the area where I lost my direction was now desolate, with shadows consuming the remaining light. The darkness was paralyzing, stripping away my sight. I risked a glance over my shoulder, and couldn’t hold back the convulsion of terror that ripped through me like white water rapids. There were five of them, drunk and hungry. I was the focus of their prowling eyes, vicious thoughts, and deadly intentions. Malicious laughs erupted from their diaphragms, as they inched closer. In that moment, all of the composure I had been trying to hold, evaporated. I started running, having no idea where I was going to go. At that moment, my sole focus was on survival. That part of town was run-down, obviously it wasn’t meant for tourists. I zig-zagged between the warehouses, attempting to throw them off my trail. I rounded a corner, slipping on the gravel, the adrenaline pushing me forward. Their menacing voices, calling out “Hey, pretty girl! Where do you think you’re going?” sent shivers down my spine. I ran like a lioness on the hunt. Left. Right. Right. Left. I pass street sign after street sign, not…

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