The, Dark, And The Universe Essay

1070 Words Oct 8th, 2015 null Page

Inky, dark,, is how the universe appered before creation. When God started creating things from nothing the light exposed connections between objects. God installed a Rorschach overlay so that connections still existed, but not apparent and open to interputation.

This experience is common to all humans, it comes from God.

God now has a dilemma, he 's bored. It 's the beginning of time (whenever that is), part of being God is the need for attention. It does not occur to anyone, but God has needs, just like everyone. The being 's he made were in his image, if they have needs, the creator must also need something. Why create things that did not worship you in return. He had tried everything to alleviate this crisis, he created angles, feeling the company might help. It didn 't, when he created the semi-perfect beings, he made a mistake (yes, God makes mistakes, although it 's best not to ever make mention). Try to create something out of nothing and see how well you achieve your goal, mistakes will happen. When your God, who do you have to speak with, no one will understand.

Frankly he was annoyed with one angel specifically, Lucifer bitched all the time. Lucifer is like that sister-in-law you have that can never say anything complimentary, and if she did stumble on a compliment it was more a general statement. Being God means that you can fix things if you focus, at this point God was motivated. As he pondered things, a solution presented itself.…

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