Nellie Bly: The Daredevil Journalist

The Daredevil Reporter “Very well,...start the man, and I’ll start the same day for some other newspaper.”(Around The World In 72 Days, 1) That is what reporter Nellie Bly said when she was informed she had to have a male chaperone to travel. At one time, she was the best-known journalist in the world. Unfortunately, history has forgotten this star reporter. Bly changes the world with her bold reporting style, and introduced ideas of a woman being in the news. She also fought against “yellow journalism”, or writing exaggerated headlines to sell papers. Nellie Bly had an interesting upbringing, went on daring adventures, and was an advocate for women’s rights. Elizabeth Cochrane was born May 5, 1864, to Michael and Mary Jane Cochrane. She …show more content…
She helped poor widows and children on the streets. She also had the opportunity to interview famous people like Susan B. Anthony and Emma Goldman, both huge supporters of women’s rights. Nellie Bly moved to the newspaper the New York Journal, and reported on women’s suffrage. When women finally gained the right to vote in 1920, it was amazing, but Bly could no longer report on the suffrage if there was none. She still inspires women everywhere to follow their dreams, and was one of the first women to do a man’s job. She eventually married millionaire Robert Seaman, ad retired from journalism. Unfortunately, he died a few years after they married, so she took over his company, Iron Clad Manufacturing Company. She gave employees benefits that had never been seen before, and made many inventions. Bly once said, “Never having failed, I could not picture what failure meant.”(Inspiring Quotes.Us,1) In a way, she was right. In everything she did, she put forth her best effort, and always succeeded with whatever she put her mind to. Nellie Bly died January 27, 1922. Nellie Bly was a reporter with an interesting upbringing, a daring reporter, and a supporter of women’s rights. She had a hard childhood, but that never stopped her from becoming the first female reporter, or from helping women gain the right to vote. This was the most important because it helped women

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