The Dangers With Underage Drinking Essay

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The Dangers with Underage Drinking

Organizations such as Nationwide Insurance make the argument that “Adults don’t want to send their children to colleges or universities with ‘party school’ reputations.” (Sharon 1). Parents are becoming increasingly scared to send their children to specific schools because these schools have bad reputations for underage drinking. Fathers and mothers do not want to send their kids to these party schools because they fear for their child’s safety. It is no secret that there is plenty of alcohol use on college campuses, especially because half of the student body can legally drink on campus. This creates an issue for the universities on how to enforce the drinking laws among the students on campus. However, underage drinking only seems to cause more problems for college students. With college approaching for many high school students, it is important to recognize the dangers of underange drinking and what would come if the drinking age were lowered. Lowering the drinking age in the U.S. would negatively affect the safety of college students. Dangers resulting from underage drinking include sexual assaults, alcohol related car accidents, and binge-drinking.
Underage drinking can lead to sexual assault for college students because most students are new to drinking and find it challenging to control themselves. According to the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, “Approximately one-half of sexual assault cases involve alcohol…

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