The Dangers Of Fast Food

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We may know human need drinks, food, and oxygen that is normal. All of them are necessary for each one. People cannot gain less or more of the necessary stuff. It can be dangers if someone eat more than the limit that he required to eat. Maybe you are asking is there anyone can bother herself/himself?! My answer is yes, there are many people throw themselves facing diseases. Diseases can damage human’s body, and moral during eat a lot of fast food a day. Of course many people are pouring when they hear that fast food is so harmful. They love eating fast food because it is ready to eat. They do not know about the side effects of fast food, obesity, and diseases. Let me make this subject easier to you. Knowing that how much calories humans need …show more content…
Simply answer fast food lacks the natural elements needed for the human body. In fact, it contains harmful substances that cause human body’s damage. These diseases lead to a slow death. As a series of disasters that are endless. That is not mean a natural disasters. It means physical disasters which came by eating fast food. It is a huge disasters in the world. Do you read newspaper, do you read about a new diseases you do not know before? From where this diseases came. Of course that came from fast food because it has a lot of chemicals and preservatives. “Cancer which is cause of death in the United State” (J. Kruger, 2013). Those are so dangers of human’s life. People buy the diseases during eating fast food every day. They expose themselves to disease such as cancer. Prostate cancer come from poor nutrition because of the low vitamins that fast food contains. This contributing factor has a high fat and gain high body mass index (BMI). Also fast food has low vegetable that cause cancer. “Lower consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with higher risk for cancer” (J. Kruger, 2014). Fast food associated with overweight and it cause prostate cancer that cause mortality. Heart diseases is one of the most illnesses that caused by fast food. This disease makes people cannot do any activity as well. Moreover, they need medical care. “Heart diseases associated with obesity. Statistics show that obesity is a risk factor for heart disease” (Burck. Susan, Dec 29, 2005). Obesity associated with fast food. When people eat junk food, they will gain more weight and more diseases. Heart diseases come when people eat fast food that contain a lot of chemical stuff. Fast food has a lot of sodium that goes to the blood and directly go to the heart that beating twice faster than normal. After the heart beating so fast, it will not resist against these sodium and lead to heart disease as cited in you tube (The, Dec 18, 2013). High blood

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