The Dangers Of Donald Trump

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This election year has been one of the most terrifying yet. From racism to lying to just plain dumb comments. This presidential election is one for the books, but WAIT! It 's just not over yet. Donald Trump has been one of the most mesmerizing candidates for all the wrong reasons, but that 's not stopping American people from voting for him. In the campaign ad "Everything", the use of old and new clips and different news headlines are shown to prove the racism behind Donald Trump and his supporters towards African-Americans. What do we have to lose?
"What do you have to lose?" Trump says this towards blacks before stating " 're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs..." Everything, is the answer from these American people. Living in poverty is not a choice to them, they feel underprivileged every day because of people like Trump. They may not have good schools, but they have schools to go to that give the education they want. Even if they don 't have a job they try their hardest to get one and they even do what they can with what they have. Even so, Trump shows no respect for these
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The way the pictures were portrayed with an overhead voice stating he broke federal law. In some cases people see this as, well, the past is the past and people change. Has he changed though? And is it enough for the American people to trust him. Not only was he sued earlier in his career but he still keeps up with racist comments and accusations at rallies in today 's campaign. The use of these pictures of Trump in the past is followed by a picture of him and a side by side of Americans at his rally. The video goes to show white and blacks fighting as if in a racial disagreement. Meanwhile, Trump 's voice is saying, "..I have a great relationship with the blacks.." However, Trump is shown in the complete opposite

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