The Importance Of Capital Punishment In Law Schools

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As many people know, there are flaws in every system created by humans due to the illusion that nothing is perfect. There are many things that could be pointed out that are wrong about the American judicial system but the most flawed concept, by far, is the capital punishment sentencing. Although courts have been accepting DNA as evidence for over two decades now, it is not always the key evidence in a conviction. More often than not, the defendant in a case is sentenced on circumstantial evidence. If capital punishment is going to be utilized it should at least be taught in Law schools nationwide rather than a brief overview, like what is happening currently. Capital Punishment should simply be abolished, not only because of the failure to …show more content…
Todd willingham is a man who was wrongfully convicted and executed in Texas due to the false information of a jailhouse snitch (....4). Willingham was accused of killing his three daughters in a fire and was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death. Later on, before Willingham was executed, evidence for his exoneration came to the court 's attention but they chose to ignore it and he was later executed in 2004. Recently, in March of 2015, new evidence that would have completely exonerated Willingham of all crimes involved in his conviction was brought to the attention of the courts again and it was decided that Texas had executed an innocent man (....4). Due to this new found information, for the first time ever, Texas, the leading execution state in the country, attempted to have the death penalty abolished …show more content…
Many of the death row inmates actually die before their execution date due to stress and anxiety that is caused by the anticipation of the execution. A death row lawyer, Mr Banda, stated "There is no valid reason to maintain death sentence in the statutes of Zambia. Being on death row alone causes so much anguish and suffering to the convict that most of them actually die on death row" (Kaluba 3). The idea that prisoners should be executed because they cost to much money to be housed in the jail for life is actually false because the majority of the time death row inmates wait over 20 years before an execution that later costs money itself (.... 2). A case that involves a death row conviction, on average, costs an estimated five hundred twenty thousand dollars more than a normal case that doesn 't involve capital punishment (.....18). Furthermore, it costs taxpayers an additional ninety thousand more to hold prisoners on death row than it does for those in the general facilities (Barr 3). Not only does the overall case cost more, a capital punishment case also takes nearly four times longer than a non death case (....23). When viewing the statistics of the death row inmates, nearly 50% were between the ages of 25 and 44 and 8,032 people had been sentenced to death between the years 1977 and 2012 (....5). Overall, the death penalty costs more money for the states and its

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