The Harmful Effects Of Smoking And Lung Cancer

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Effects of smoking
Approximately 100 million deaths have occurred due to smoking in the 21st century (Asma, 2014). Cigarettes contain a humungous number of chemicals which are extremely dangerous to the human body which when burned and smoked can be an outrageous risk to one’s health. Consequently, several of health diseases, such as lung cancer, heart disease, and a stroke are caused by smoking and most of them lead to death. In order to resolve this issue one should know about its dangerous effects, such as cancer, harsh skin conditions, gum disease, and teeth loss.
Lung cancer is caused by smoking when one inhales the smoke from their cigarette which is filled with tumor causing substances such as Nicotine, tar, ammonia, and carbon monoxide.
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A fatty like substance called “Atheroma” which is also known as plaque is built up in the arteries by smoking which narrows the arteries thus causes the heart to fail or how the whole world knows it as a heart attack. Another main cause of the arteries getting narrow is the damaging of the blood vessels which is caused by carbon monoxide which is also found in the smoke being inhaled, this reduces the amount of oxygen found in our blood and makes the blood levels below normal whichever causes another disease called Hypoxemia. The side effects of Hypoxemia are found in breathing and circulation of blood which lead to shortness of breath. Below normal blood levels cause even more health risks a few of which are causing the lungs to narrow and the heart to pump harder in which by time they shall both lead to failure of functioning thus the smoker will need one or both lungs and a heart transplanted.
The dangers of smoking can catch on to not only the smoker himself but also the people around him. Second hand smoking is also a big problem when it comes to your health, people around the smoker will inhale the smoke and get effected by it as if they were smoking cigarettes
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Smoking is both a physiological and physical addiction. The nicotine from cigarettes gives an interim—and addictively—high. Dispensing with that usual fix of nicotine will bring about your body to encounter physical withdrawal side effects and cravings. As a result of nicotine's "great feeling" impact on the mind, you might likewise have gotten to be usual to smoking as a method for adapting to push, sadness, depression, or even

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