Secondhand Smoking Speech

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Secondhand Smoking Can Harm Your Loved Ones
You had a very long day in anatomy class and it is finally over. While on your way out to your car, someone is smoking just outside of the entrance and the puff of smoke they just exhaled is now in your line of path. The wind is blowing very hard that day mainly back in your face. Before you know it, the wind takes your breath away. As you are gasping in your attempt to catch your breath you end up inhaling the secondhand smoke from the person exercising their freedom to smoke. Your health can be in danger every time you encounter a person who is smoking or has been smoking. When a person is smoking a cigarette, pipe tobacco, or cigar, they are actively smoking. As they are actively smoking they exhale
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The health of our children and our loved ones should be respected as much as a person’s right to smoke. “This is a free country” one might argue against a smoking ban. While our forefathers fought wars to allow the free country, we have many laws today that prove we do not live in a free country. There are laws in place that do not allow people to carry guns without a permit but our second amendment states that we have the right to bear arms. Laws and amendments are put into place and take away freedom from American’s every day. When a smoker chooses to smoke by the entrance of a grocery store they are breaking the law and infringing on my rights as a non-smoker. If a disabled veteran is using a scooter to enter a building and complains about a person smoking by the door will the smoker reply with “If they don’t want to be around the smoke don’t go near the smoke.” The smoker would hopefully not respond in such a manner. In the circumstance that they do, why should the veteran have to go out of their way for the able body they served overseas for? The battery of the scooter could be low or the veteran may have a health issue and the smoke could cause them more harm than the smoker walking to their own car and smoking there. If a room is properly ventilated the smoke will not hurt them. Per the CDC, ventilation systems can remove particles but cannot remove gasses that are present in secondhand smoke. The current systems for ventilation may circulate the passive smoke throughout the building. When the secondhand smoke is circulated throughout a hotel the smoke could reach to a person sleeping on the top floor of the hotel. Another option made available to the smokers is a separate room. These rooms do not control the smoke that escapes the room when the smoker leaves the room. Even with ventilation, a non-smoker can still be exposure to the

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