The Dangerous Effect Of Human Species Into Groups That Shared Physical And Genetic Traits

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Race is referred to the idea of categorizing human species into groups that shared physical and genetic traits, such as the skin color, facial features and even the hair texture. Based on the “Sorting People” activity that I’ve done, I found that I did poorly on the test. I got only 5 out of 20 questions right. I am actually quiet surprised by this result. I always think that I can accurately identify someone’s race because I have lots of multiracial friends, but after I took this test, I learned that my whole perception is wrong because people are more diverse than what I expected. People usually have stereotypes that Whites always have a white skin with straight blonde hair, Blacks have a dark skin with curly hairs and Asians have a yellow skin with small slanted eyes. The stereotypes cause people to ignored differences and varieties among individuals. People always tend to make stereotypes as a cognitive shortcut to easily group people and this act can cause many real world implications.
One of the most dangerous effect of misperceiving someone’s race is it can cause people to make implicit bias. Implicit bias is the attribution or actions that people make unconsciously towards other races. Implicit bias is also automatic and fast. People with high level of implicit racial bias will show less warmth and welcoming behavior towards races other than their own. Researchers have performed a test called The Implicit Association Test (IAT), where in the test, the subjects have…

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