The Damnation of a Canyon Essay

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Strong Response: The Damnation of a Canyon

In the reading The Damnation of a Canyon, the author, Edward Abbey, described his outlook on the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. Throughout his reading, he emphasized many positives the Glen Canyon Dam once had. The text revealed Abbey believing the nature that Glen Canyon used to contain and how people didn't appreciate it. He used his perspectives of when he worked as a park ranger before all the changes happened. He strongly believed in nature. He felt that he supported his argument with facts and his personal opinions. If Abbey discussed his views to others, then maybe he could've understood the reason why other people enjoy the new reservoir. I feel that Abbey has the right to judge
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He continued to argue against the defenders defending the likings of Lake Powell. He wanted to "shut down the Glen Canyon power plant, open the diversion tunnels, and drain the reservoir." This will "expose a dreary and hideous scene: immense mud flats and who plateaus of sodden garbage strewn with dead trees, sunken boats, the skeletons of long-forgotten, decomposing water-skiers." Abbey does this to show that it can go back to normal if we give it some time. I agree to this action because it can bring the wilderness back. There will be people that will argue against Abbey for not pointing out anything positive of the new reservoir. It seemed like he pointed directly to "the wealthy, upper-middle-class American slob" because the reservoir requires money and time. In his essay, there are "defenders of the dam argue that the recreational benefits available on the surface of the reservoir outweigh the loss of Indian ruins, historical sites, wildlife and wilderness adventure." This statement raised my eyebrow. These people arguing against the environmentalists are hard headed because you don't ruin the history of nature. You don't forget what made that place special or unique. Abbey argued that Lake Powell is man-made and so that doesn't have any significant purpose of keeping it. I agree with that since the new reservoir doesn't contribute any better reason to remain

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