The Dairy Industry Essay

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The dairy industry would also feel the impacts of a Brexit. According to Dairy Industries International, the UK currently exports 9.3 billion pounds worth of food and drink products to the EU. Dairy Industries International also argues that leaving the EU would have a, “considerable negative impact on the export competitiveness of the UK food and drink industry” because even a small trade tariff tremendously cuts into the profits of the industry (Burnyeat 17). Leaving the Union would put the United Kingdom into, “Full competition with US, Latin American, and Oceanian suppliers” (Burnyeat 17). This full competition seriously hurts domestic job growth and economic growth of the United Kingdom, do to its loss of ‘preferential status’ with the EU.
Furthermore, 12% of the UK’s population reported a job linked to EU export while an additional 3,000,000 reported jobs dependent on the European Union (O’Leary, Joseph). If the United Kingdom were to exit the Union, trade would continue on; however, the increased price to export the goods to the European Union through trade tariffs will hamper job growth in the export industry of both the EU and the UK as well as cut jobs domestically.
It is fitting that if the EU increased trade tariffs with the UK, it is only natural the UK would increase tariffs with the EU. It is for this reason that many argue a ‘trade war’ would occur between the European Union and the United Kingdom, in which both sides excessively raise interest so high that…

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