Essay on The Current Trends Of Traditional Dating

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Walking up to the front door with sweaty palms and your best attire, you knock on the door of the girl that has caught your eye the minute she walked into that third period English class. With a racing heart you knock three times and remind yourself that she said yes to going out on a date with you in the first place, and that you need to quit being so nervous. The door opens and you are met with the most gorgeous girl standing in front of you. You say your greetings and extend your arm to which she wraps her perfectly manicured hands around. Heading out onto the date you stop by her favorite restaurant and tell her to order whatever she wants, knowing that you’ve saved up any expense that could happen on this date. All in all the date ends wonderfully and you make your plans for the next one. This scenario was not all that uncommon about fifty years ago. Sadly with the current trends we see today traditional dating is something that is almost certain to become a rarity. As definitions change and our culture continues to shift due to technologies impact, dating will occur less and less within the next ten to twenty years. Society’s definition of dating has taken on a new meaning. In previous years we would have referred to it as traditional dating. In traditional dating a man or woman would ask one another out, typically face to face where they could set up a time and place to meet. This type of dating was common during the 1950s and was often referred to as “going…

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