Essay about The Current Public Education System

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Underfunding of Arts Programs The current public education system in America is in the process of a major shift that includes the cutting of many federally funded arts programs. One of the reasons for the widespread cuts of arts programs in education would be because of the national shift in interest towards STEM. STEM is an educational initiative based off science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. When it comes to educational funding at the governmental level, STEM is the area where funding is being focused towards. In the 2016 national education budget, there will be a three billion dollar investment in STEM education, a 3.6 percent increase from the previous years budget (Mastroianni para. 7). While $3 billion is set aside for STEM related programs, there is $148 million focused on the arts with the National Endowment for the Arts (Americans for the Arts para. 2). With such a drastic difference between the two areas and an incredibly large percent increase in STEM funding, we as Americans are left to ask, why STEM and why not art?
When comparing the two areas, it is hard to overlook the numerous benefits that STEM provides over the arts. STEM products and careers stimulate the economy and keep the US in the academic race with other nations. The nature of STEM programs also require the need of funding while art projects can be created with or without federal funding. While not an ideal situation, cutting art programs in state education systems is okay because it…

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