Essay on The Current Placement Of The United States

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‘The United States is facing economic disaster on a scale few nations have ever experienced’ (Heffner, 2015). This statement clearly defines the current placement of the United States today. We, alone, are going be our own self destruction. From trade agreements to our very own Congress, we need to find a way to turn around our economy to benefit our country instead of destroy it. One main issue would be our production of goods and services. There are many downfalls with this which will be discussed further.
First, we have to consider the world around us and the effects it can have. Overseas trading is good but too much trade can negative impacts with high consequences. We now export and import more goods than ever before. This is leading to the United States to become dependent on the world around us. We were, at one time, the front runner of this business. Now, countries know that we depend on them and it is going to cost in the long run. This doesn’t just involve trade. Many companies are now looking at overseas ‘production, innovation, and financing’ (Heffner, 2015). This will also put a big dent in our country being able to depend on itself to run and operate. Keeping this in mind, what would be the most foreseeable step of our foreign companies? Price increases. Knowing that the United States is dependent on their workers and economy these countries are raising prices to obtain the best possible outcome for them.
Trade plays a bigger role than just overseas. There are…

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