Essay The Current Generation Of American Students

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“What I will, I can.” That is the motto here at Morton West high school. It was founded in 1958 and ever since it helped students in the Berwyn area to have an education and pursue success. People all over the world are currently fighting and putting their lives at risk to have that privilege, to obtain an education for a better life for themselves. So why are the students who have the freedom to learn not valuing that privilege? Is it that they don’t have the will or that they really can’t? What happens when the will to keep going stops? Why does it stop? The current generation of American students is one that has no excuse. Any student has the ability to learn anything they please. Many students of this generation are not taking advantage of how an education can change their lives. Anything could be learned, it is just a matter of will.
Students lose their will to succeed for many reasons, one of them being that they don’t feel good enough or have things going on in their lives that makes them lose motivation for further perseverance. It makes sense, life is unpredictable. A tragedy can occur and that is certainly such a thing can disrupt the mental behavior of the student. No one knows what someone could have going on; the feeling that they need to succeed can only pressure them even more. If student loses self-motivation then they begin to believe it is pointless to remain in school. Many students believe that they cannot achieve their goals and for that insecurity they…

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