The Current Education System For Students And Attendance Grades And Other Subsidies

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Since the start of elementary school, we are set with the mindset of grades. Grades are important. We were taught that we must excel in every subject to be able to go to college and live a good life. Is this true? The current education system teaches us to not learn the material but to just pass the test and get a good grade. I did not take AP World History sophomore year because I wanted to, I did it because it would look good on my transcript and boost my GPA. Is this the perfect way for us to learn? The answer is no. This system is built because the government and administrators of education need statistics to assess the proficiency of our future generation. Many argue that grading is the most accurate way to assess the proficiency of the student and with attendance grades and other subsidies it will be the accurate form of education. Others argue that the idea of grading itself is absurd and we need to change or abolish the idea of grading. I believe that our education system causes us to see ourselves as numbers but we do need assessments on proficiency. The idea of grading is not abominable, the idea of grading is our use of grades because it makes us forget the importance of knowledge and focus on becoming a higher statistic. To solve this dilemma, I argue that we need to change the mindset of focusing on statistics by practicing a hybrid form of education where we find a balance of learning knowledge and creating a more accurate way to assess proficiency. Through…

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