Mark Haddon's Passage

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Mark Haddon’s first adult mystery novel is one of the most interesting and intertwining works to be read. Haddon introduces Christopher Boone, a 15 year old autistic boy, who witnesses the murder of a neighborhood dog, throughout the book Christopher is trying to solve this mystery. As a young adult Haddon worked with Autistic individuals, as a caretaker. So all of the information concerning Christopher is fist hand and quite factual. In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Mark Haddon shows Christopher’s rites of passage throughout the book. Although Christopher does fit the stereotype of someone with autism, such as the fact that he lacks social communication, and is very good with numbers, he also beats the odds and breaks all the rules. Throughout the novel Christopher faces many obstacles but to him the most important one is solving a murder. One night Christopher looks out his window to see his neighbor Ms. Shear’s dog on the ground, with a garden …show more content…
He teaches the reader that their mind is nothing to be messing with and taking for granted. For all they know they could have been in Christopher's situation but maybe not have the same resources and give up, but do not give up continue to try. Make a masterpiece out of the situation. No one is less than everyone is equal, this is also a powerful message that the book sends as well. A quote found in the book is stated by Christopher, telling about a dream of his that should be fulfilled, just like anybody else would like to have. “ And I can go anywhere in the world and I know that no one is going to talk to me or touch me or ask me a question. But if I don’t want to go anywhere I don’t have to…” (199 Haddon) . Christopher is relatable with anyone who has severe anxiety and just wants to be left alone and live their own life, they want to travel and see the world as it is, not how everyone wants it to

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