The Culture Of A Customer And Not An Observer Essay

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It is necessary to understand what culture is before attempting to observe the actions of people. If not I will be looking at the situation through the eyes of a customer and not an observer. Culture is the ideas and behaviors that are learned and transmitted by nongenetic means (Park, 2014). The advance in technology from written language, government to man-made objects are merely the product of culture ( Artifacts discovered are the reflection of the knowledge and skills of the culture. Without a knowledge of the culture the use of discovered artifacts have little meaning. Observing the culture first hand allows for a better understanding of reciprocity process, market system, kinship, and artifacts.
Choosing a location would be more difficult than anticipated. A simple store would lack variation. The concept choose a location that offered more than one sells option. The ethnography site I chose is Casey’s General Store with a build in restaurant, on Saturday at 1205 pm. It is located off the highway with two entrances from different avenues. A new location being less than a year old. The location offers multiple sells strategies from gas, convince store items, to a restaurant with high variety of food choices. Located in a small town holds more value than a convenience store in larger cities. Casey’s also prepares food for pick up.
The highest concentration of customer’s occur around 12:15 pm. Observation began at 12:05 and went to 12:30 pm at one of…

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