The Culture And The History Of Mariachi Music Essay

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Mariachi music was always present in my life. Since I can remember, my family would always support my uncle’s performances since he was in a Mariachi group. My father would cry listening to Vicente Fernandez sing “Por Tu Maldito Amor.” My husband sent me serenata as an anniversary gift. In the beginning, I hated Mariachi music. However, as I grew older, I began to admire Mariachi music and actually began to be interested in discovering the culture and the history of Mariachi music. Mariachi music has become a major factor in the latino community in terms of music. From famous artistes like Vicente Fernandez, Rocio Durcal, and Javier Solis, Mariachi music has been in deed a way the latino culture has kept its origins “Mariachi music has transitioned from its humble origins in rural Mexico to become an iconic representation of the Mexican people, within both Mexico and the United States” (Clark, 2016). Mariachi music is an ideal way to express emotion and communication. It is also a way of living for latinos. For this reason, Mariachi has been around for since the 18th century and it seems to continue to grow and extend in different areas besides Mexico. In this paper I will be analyzing the the origin of Mariachi music, its meaning, its culture, and the expansion of Mariachi music.

Review of Literature
The first review I proposed is by Clark (2005). In her journal, “Mariachi Music as a Symbol of Mexican Culture in the United States” describes the importance of Mariachi…

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