Essay on The Cultural Side Of The Tourism Industry

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The tourism industry has been around for any centuries dating back to the Roman Empire and earlier than that. During that time traveling was mostly used for business or is was something they had to do compared to today’s trend of traveling more for pleasure than business. As the tourism industry continued to grow to what it is today, we are able to look at and study how tourism can have a positive and/or a negative effect on the destination and the surrounding areas. When studying tourist destinations you are able look at it from the sociological, economic, environmental and marketing factors. On the sociological side of the tourism industry, we are able to look at how tourism can effect people’s choices on destinations and the city host. On the tourist side of things, individual travelers are more likely to stay with-in their “comfort zone” due to the social relationships and social institution that we grew up with. “Determining the extent of the cultural distance, they may wish to maintain results in decisions as to just how unfamiliar the traveler wants his or her environment away from home base to be” (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2012). Along with determining the culture distance that a traveler will want to experience, a traveler will pick destinations based on how much they want to learn. For an example, a person that wants to learn a lot about a different culture may want to do a life-seeing vacation or trip because their main purpose is dive deep into the culture that they…

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