The Cultural Heritage Of Native Americans Essay

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At The University of Wisconsin-Madison we have historical and contemporary connections to American Indians. On our campus there are more effigy mounds and burial sites found here than on any other university in the world (UW-Madison Cultural Landscape). This fact gives the institution a high responsibility to preserve the remaining sacred sites and educate people about American Indians in the past and present day. These 1000-year-old effigy and burial mounds invite the discussion of the local Indians that built them and of the woods and waters that provided these early peoples their sustenance. Although few physical remnants of their past lives remain, the effigy mounds located on campus provide us with a link to the legacy of the surrounding Madison. The cultural heritage of Native Americans is still strong in Madison, within those with or without tribal ties, yet we still have progress to make.
It may be surprising to many people that our campus has the largest number of burial sites and mounds around. We often do not pause to consider the possibilities that all around us there is evidence of past cultures. The cultural heritage surrounding these sacred sites currently garners a low level of awareness on our campus. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is fortunate to have many sacred sites located right on campus where archaeological records can be studied. The entire landscape can serve as a classroom for learning about those who once lived here. Native Americans shaped…

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