Women In The Workplace Essay

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Women in The Workplace
Women are faced with a wide number of dilemmas that may be considered as minor setbacks to men. Women are stereotyped as weak, sensitive, submissive, shy, but being a housewife is at the top of the list. When women show that they are not those things, most men may feel like their manhood/authority is being threatened.
Scholarly Sources
According to Muara Mills (2014), “gender perspective suggests that individuals’ perceptions are largely influenced by cultural meanings of what men and women should do and be like” (p. 161). These influences strongly effect who, why, and how certain people get hired in the work place. With men being culturally seen as providers, protectors, and leaders it seems culturally fit to place a man, rather than a woman, for a certain job position. Women are
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With this idea that men and women are meant to be separated when it comes to the work place. However, the inequality towards women in the work place is due to gender differentiation that create and exaggerate biological external and internal differences between both men and women (Barbara, 2002, p. 3). Biological differentiation puts a thick line between activities, interests, emotions, actions, and what “fits” either the feminine or masculine image. These are some of the reasons to why women are seen and treated differently in the work place. In most companies women are typically looked over and undermined by male co-workers. Some women may be given a certain position, such as secretaries or nurses, just to increase the gender status quo (Padavic & Reskin, 2002). Women are devalued in the work force, because of the stereotypes placed upon them; therefore, leading them to have less entitlement on things, a very low chance at gaining better positions, and low pay rates (wage gap). Even though it has been said that the “wage gap is narrowing” and in some “cases nearly disappears” (Leith, 2014). That is

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