The Crusades Occurring Between 1095 And 1492 Ad Essay

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Poor nutrition, plagues, sexism, and social classes: these are only four of the prices of civilization that we, along with our ancestors, have faced. War is another major source of destruction, but also cooperation or even the creation of a new identity. War has the power to “make or break” a civilization, completely changing the course of history. No historian can ignore wars due to their influence. Merely one example of these influential wars are the Crusades. So, what is a Crusade? Depending on the historian, a Crusade can be defined as an official military expedition sanctioned by the pope and launched from Europe, of which there are eight or nine, or a Crusade can be defined as the offering of the Crusade indulgence. Through the latter definition the Albigensian and Hussite Crusades can be included. For the sake of a simpler timeframe, this essay will focus on the Crusades occurring between 1095 and 1492 AD.
Since the motivations and effects of the Crusades can be classified as both moral and positive as well as immoral and negative, then these events can be fairly called both a holy war and a sinful slaughter. The main arguing points for the Crusades being a holy war is that they began with the motivation of a pilgrimage, meaning a crusader could gain eternal life by going on a crusade, and getting people into heaven is supposed to be the mission of the Church. The central objective was to recover lost territory from Muslims, especially Jerusalem; Jerusalem is a…

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