The Crusades And Its Impact On The Middle Ages Essay

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Crusades Paper The Crusades. Military campaigns brought about by Christians in the middle ages due to conflict with the Muslim population. Without the Crusades, who knows how Europe could be shaped today? Could Islam followers have taken over Europe using jihad? Would Islam be the supreme religion of the world? So many questions, so little answers. First and foremost, the Crusades came to be due to Christians and Muslims not being on the same page. The Christians believed that they were fighting for Jesus to claim back his holy place of birth. However, the Muslims had it in their mind that they were defending THEIR land and the Christians were invaders. As a result, in 1099, when these Christian and Muslim armies collided in Jerusalem, it became a massacre quickly and over 100,000 people were killed. According to the first document, written by Raymond d 'Aguiliers, when the Christians entered what the Muslims considered their territory on the seventh of June, there were "so many arrows that they fell like hail" and when the Christians moved closer, "they (The Muslims) hurled not only stones and arrows, but also burning wood and straw" (Aguiliers). In response, The Christians prayed to God to protect them during the ordeal. After seeing how well prepared the Muslims were, they figured it would be very difficult to conquer them. The Christian leaders "ordered scaling ladders to be made, hoping that by a brave assault it might be possible to surmount the walls by means 'of…

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