The Cruel Treatment Of Animal Experimentation Essay

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For hundreds of years, animal experimentation has occurred for medical and cosmetic professions. Animal experimentation is one of the most controversial topics and many feel there should be an end to the cruel treatment of animals. Although animal experimentation has been very beneficial medically, the argument could be made that using animals to experiment was not always necessary. Animals across the world are unethically being used for experimentation, which is seen as unnecessary for many reasons. Human superiority towards animals has been an ancient debate. Hinduism, the major religion of India, is one of the oldest religions in the world. Animals have immortal souls just as human beings do, and the souls of animals are the same as humans, according to Hindu beliefs. Hinduism teaches how the soul never dies, and humans are reincarnated to animals. Hindus value animals and believe they are equal to humans (Owen 12). When it came to the treatment of animals, ancient Jews had a slightly different view. They believed that one animal or human would only kill another food. Jews thought of the act as necessary, and would never harm an animal for cruel and recreational reasons. They also believed that in heaven, the predator-prey relationship would be disregarded (Owen 12-3). In European societies, they believed how humans are superior to animals. For example, the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, saw humans as having power over all plants and animals. He wrote that…

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