The Crucible Opening Scene Analysis

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1. Discuss the role of the opening scene of The Crucible to bring out some of the dramatic effects sought for and achieved? The opening scene of The Crucible by Arthur Miller serves a predominant role in the play as it establishes the main themes and introduces the main characters. It also foreshadows further events in the play through dramatic effects such as, stage directions, tone, and punctuation. This scene sets the standard for the rest of the play, as it allows readers to understand the Salem Tragedy through dramatic effects. At the beginning of the play, there is a section of prose which explains the lifestyle of the residents of Salem and establishes a context for the Salem Witch Trials. The significance of this prose is that it establishes a background for the reader and allows them to understand the conditions that the characters lived through. With this prose, readers can understand the dynamics of the society and why the characters seem so exaggerated during the acts in the play. When it is written, "they did …show more content…
When Parris is "overcome with sobs...closes the door and leans against it, exhausted" (Pg 8), his state of mind is shown as desperate and pleading. His character is also introduced as an individual who is well aware of societal expectations and cares for his reputation. Punctuation is also present in the opening scene when he says, "out of my sight!" (Pg 8), which shows how stressed Parris is and the societal dynamics. Characters such as Abigail are also introduced as individuals who had more time to think and analyze their lives and wanted to have more freedom. This foreshadows how she will try and gain that freedom through the play. The opening scene is extremely important as it initiates the journey through the play and dramatic effects such as, foreshowing, tone and punctuation are used to create this

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