Who Is To Blame For The Salem Witch Trials In The Crucible

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The Crucible a historical fiction writing is about the unjust deaths of 19 individuals who refused to say they conjured with witchcraft. The question arises who is to blame for this event in history. Arthur Miller the author to this play is connecting the salem witch trials to the Red Scare. Which was to find out ones who believes in communism and was trying to overthrow the american way of life. The public is the reason for the Red Scare started, but who is the reason for the salem witch trials. That individuals is obvious known to be Rev. John Hale. Hale’s Gullibility and Self-righteousness proves he is most blameworthy for the Salem witch trial. Hale first starts out with his gullibility towards those accused of witchcraft or mention something odd in their behavior. To begin, when Giles Corey is speaking to Hale about his wife he states that when she reads certain books he cannot pray until she is done. Rev. Hale states, “Ah! The stoppage of prayer- that is strange. I’ll speak further on that with you”(Miller 159). Since Giles made the statement that his wife reads strange books, and it cause him to have the stoppage of prayer, Hale has a feeling that she might be inflicted by the devil. Instead of him taking in consideration Giles church attendance and his plus his wanting to hold a conversation. Hale never comes around to have that conversation with Giles and his wife about the books instead she is tried for witchery by reading these books. That was brought to Hale’s attention then later the court.In addition to his …show more content…
By Hale not taking the time and look at the big picture history is made by the deaths of 20 innocent victims. Because of his flaws if applies in today's time if every avenue is not look a during a situation then a terrible event can recur like the Salem witch

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