The Crucible By William Miller Essay

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In the play “The Crucible” we are exposed to many characters, they all show different traits. There is one standout character in this play and her name is Abigail Williams. Arthur Miller made Abigail Williams the vehicle that drives the play. She is the character who basically starts the entire feud in Salem and she continues to add fuel to the fire until the very end. Abigail Williams is twisted in the head and that is what makes her such a crucial part to the play, without her chaotic antics, what would the witch hunt even be about? So, since Abigail Williams is motivated by the need to feel love and have attention, her decision to cause false alarm through Salem creates mass destruction by the end of the play. The motivation of Abigail Williams seems obvious to some. There are many things that could be said about her decisions and why she does the things that she does. Abigail Williams is an orphan girl, she lives with her uncle and cousin, and she watched her own parents get brutally killed by natives. Her need for love is obvious throughout the entire play. Abigail has done some pretty extreme things in her short 17 years of life, starting with her affair accompanied with John Proctor. She started working for the Proctor’s as a maid, she did the basic household chores and that was all. The Proctor’s then dismissed her supposedly because of her lack of work ethic, and this lead to serious mind problems within Abigail. Later in the play we find out that…

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