The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Imagine, being accused of witchcraft in the puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts in the 1690’s. Absurd, right? In Arthur Miller’s hysteria, The Crucible, the phenomenon of colonial witchcraft is explored and analyzed. Throughout the book, author intent drives the delivery of a deep overall message that displays arguably one the most bizarre times in American history . In the drama, The Crucible, Arthur Miller used author intent to create an allegory that enforces the overall intent of the drama and draws a parallel between the Salem witch trials and it’s ridiculousness.
In the small town of colonial Salem, Massachusetts, the puritan villagers get their lives turned upside down by an unavoidable conflict. Many of the young girls and older women of the village begin to accuse or be accused of witchcraft; one of the most unthinkable notions at the time. Many of the accused females include Betty Parris (Reverend Parris’s daughter), Tituba (the Parris family maid), Mercy Lewis (the Putnam family servant), Mary Warren (Proctor family servant), and Abigail Williams (niece of Reverend Parris). One thing all of the girls have in common is that one night, they were spotted by Reverend Parris, dancing in the woods, naked, around a fire. Although in the present day, this act would not be thought of witchcraft right away, in the past, this event was considered an act of witchcraft. After the ridiculousness of the scenario spreads like wildfire through the small town, many of the girls…

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