The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Arthur Miller’s drama, The Crucible, depicts characters with great internal struggles. The Puritan society where the drama is set is based upon a rigid social and religious system. As such, citizens often struggle to reconcile social and religious expectations. This is amplified during times of real conflict. For example, Proctor and Hale struggle with their reputations and morals throughout the trials depicted in the play. Proctor struggles with whether he should tell to judgment about his affair with Abigail. Indeed, he does not only want to keep his reputation but also wants to protect his wife Elizabeth. Proctor also decides to die because he surely wants to keep his soul clean and pure. He does not want to die for lying anymore. That is why he is ready to die with a clean conscience. Hale is also a character that has internal conflicts in his life. He is an expert because he knows everything about witchcraft, which might be useful in the court to prove the trials. However, Hale tries to convince the citizens of Salem, including John Proctor, to confess to witchcraft and save themselves, even though they are innocent. That is a part of Hale’s work responsibility. Normally, people choose reputation, which is helpful in their work; however, throughout the story, Miller uses John Proctor and Hale’s experiences to emphasize that morals are right because they destiny their conscience by doing what they think is right. By demonstrating the difference between Proctor and…

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