The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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The idea of authority to many becomes a controversial issue. Some people like the fact that there is a person with authority so that civilians don 't have to think of the problems affecting them. Others on the other hand, some people disapprove of a person with authority since the person can easily manipulate his or her powers and use it in a destructive way. Throughout the play, “The Crucible,” authority was a recurring theme, but it also plays a part in the American Revolution, parenting, and the novel “The Outsiders.” When Author Miller, the author of “The Crucibles,” was writing the play, he placed Judge Danforth as the authority head in Salem during the Salem Witch Trials in theocratic Massachusetts. Judge Danforth was essentially the supreme leader, and whatever he said went. If a women was to be hanged for charges of witchcraft, she was hanged. If a dog was to be hanged due to charges of barking in the ominous dark night which was found to be linked to witchcraft, the dog was hanged. Through his authoritarianism, the people of Salem started to fear him since they were only two options if they were ever charged of witchcraft in his court, to confess or not to confess. If one confessed, they would be spared from being hanged, but their name would be ruined and dragged in the dirt in front of the whole town. If one did not confess though, they would be hanged since Abigail’s convincing words of being a so called “victim" of this black magic was the highest voice in the…

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