The Crisis Of A Crisis Essay

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A traumatic encounter that is beyond what or coping mechanisms can handle, can leave us in a debilitated state. Hence, the growing need for crisis workers that know how to deal with a crisis in a professional and secure matter, as it is likely that we will experience a crisis during our live time in view of the fact that disasters, wars, grief, and other traumas are part of our lives. A crisis worker helps individuals that are in a state of crisis or disequilibrium, thus helping them find a coping mechanism that works for them. Consequently, understanding crisis models will help crisis workers discern what works best with their clients, thus permitting therapist to guide patients out of their crisis. Crisis intervention has help different individuals get through a crisis they experience; hence crisis intervention is a field that will continue to grow and advance with the technological improvements our society is experiencing. Therefore, it is important to understand different models of intervention. According to James and Gilliland, many causes of a crisis may be rooted to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a common crisis that crisis intervention workers would encounter during their careers. To illustrate the cognitive and the psychosocial transition model of crisis I will focus on how these models of crisis intervention help patients with PTSD.
Literature Review I will describe crisis as something that “occurs when a stressful life event…

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