The Criminal Justice System Should Be Abolished Essay

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Everyone has been saying that our criminal justice system needs to be reformed and yet

there hasn’t been much action taken on reform. In order to bring more equality between men and

women, there needs to be change in the criminal justice system. The best way to ensure that men

and women of all races are treated the same as in the criminal justice system is to not let the

defendant in the court. If the judge and jury don’t see, hear or know the name of who they are

convicting they won’t be biased and will convict the defendant according to their crime and not

their race, gender or sexual orientation. The judge and jury will only see the lawyer who is

representing the defendant. The judge and jury only read about the crime that has been

committed and hear the defense. This proposition will be applied to programs as well. In prison

there needs to be programs for everyone, not just women because they are less prone to violence

than men. When there is a rape or consensual sex between the prison guard and an inmate, they

will be prosecuted the same regardless of which gender the inmate or prison guard is. If the judge

and jury do not know who they are convicting, then they won’t be able to have bias and will have

convict everyone the same. Rehabilitation is the best way to make sure that criminals don’t end up back in jail and

become functional members of society. However, over the past few decades, prison reform and

rehabilitation has taken a…

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