The Criminal Justice System Is The Interaction Between Police And People

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The very first step of the criminal justice system is the interaction between police and people. Police, after the criticism and hate they receive, still disproportionately target minorities. They decide who to stop, who to check, and who to blame for illicit actions. Unfortunately, many times their decisions are based on racial profiling. Innocent minority citizens are apprehended much more than whites. For example, statistical evidence shows that black drivers are likelier to be stopped than white drivers because police assume they are part of other criminal activities. This is often known as the “driving while black” syndrome; black people are subjected to the nuisance of police interrogation while being pulled over. Study shows that of the traffic stops that are reported, most black people are stopped during daylight, where their race is most visible. Making them “31 percent more likely to be pulled over than white drivers.”(Christopher Ingraham) After they are stopped, African Americana are “11 to 41” percent more likely to to receive a ticket for the same offense committed by white people. For instance, in a recent study in Connecticut, known as Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project, “among more than 150,000 speeders, for example, 51 percent of white motorists stopped by police received a ticket, compared with 63 percent of black drivers.” The issue of racial profiling between police and people is a very persistent issue in todays world. Yet, it doesn 't end…

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