The Crime Of The Police Essay

1266 Words Mar 23rd, 2015 6 Pages
The police are supposed to convey an idea of a higher law that is supposed to protect us citizens from criminals and other objects that are able to harm us. Yet, in recent years, these “enforcers” have shown us a different side of protection. These past couple of years, newspapers and articles have all shown predicaments where our so-called “pure and all knowing” law enforcers kill or harm innocent citizens that have done no harm to us. This just shows how abusive they are. Although there are the “unfortunate” ones that are caught, such as “A rookie Los Angeles police officer who was named a suspect in a Pomona homicide investigation was fired…” (LAPD), there are many more police officers who commit misconduct that are never caught and probably will never be caught. Therefore, something needs to be done in order to stop these officers who are the criminals themselves. To advance on how important a solution for this problem is, even FBI director James B. Comey states that “We simply must improve the way we collect and analyze data to see the true nature of what’s happening in all of our communities.” (Whibey). Our nation needs to do something to stop these misconducting enforcers.
A way we can stop the misconduct performed by law enforcers, is to start monitoring what they are doing and where they are doing it at. Although this idea has been talked about before, it needs to be advanced than just cameras on the officer. To start off, the cameras should be placed on the…

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