Police Brutality And Justice

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Police officers play a vast role in today’s society and law enforcement system, they have been granted an extreme amount of power to protect the nation and it’s people. However, recently they have given us the opportunity to question their integrity and the reasoning behind some of their actions. Their initial job was to help monitor criminal activity and bring justice to the world, but as of late they have been doing more damage than good. With all the police brutality and unjustifiable murders, several police officers are getting away with injustice due to the lack of evidence. Many people have been coming to the conclusion that with body cameras attached to all officers there will likely be an end to these irrational murders and police …show more content…
For example, take the Alton Sterling situation that took place not too long ago. According to CNN, “Sterling was shot outside the Baton Rouge convenience store after an encounter with two police officers. The officers can be seen in the video on top of him before shots were fired” (Alton Sterling Shooting).
It’s evident that Alton Sterling was just an average 37 year old black man trying to make a living by selling CD’s outside of a food market, and his whole life was altered in the matter of minutes. Situations like these go to show that police officers get away with a lot of injustice due to lack of evidence and it’s no wonder why so many accusations are being thrown their way. In essence, this help supports the fact that enforcing cameras onto police officers will help prevent and de-escalate confrontational situations between officers and
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However, forcing police officers to wear body cams can change this as it allows cops to be held accountable for their appropriate or inappropriate conduct. This can bring the truth to light and avoid those situations where sometimes there is no way for the public and or court to know for sure what had happened. It also can confirm or deny an accusations made by both the civilians and police officers. This ultimately can put an end to misconduct that many police officers could before easily get away with due of the lack of concrete proof against them. Citizens have gained the right to doubt their intentions and actions, so why not give police officers the opportunity to prove that their integrity and principles are genuine and

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