Essay about The Creation Of Modern Day History

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Even though the Roman Empire eventually fell to outside powers, they were a pivotal part of history because they were an intelligent society which also helped lead to the development of new largely spoken languages and the creation of great things such as roads. It was started by two people and grew into an enormous empire that they probably didn’t think possible. But even though there were weak rulers and it eventually fell, they contributed a huge part to modern-day history.
The story of the creation of Rome is that it came to be because of two brothers, Romulus and Remus. Their family was going to be killed and their parents were afraid for their safety, so their mother put them in a basked and sent them down a river. They were found by a wolf who decided to raise the young boys (Burgan 15). They sought to find a new city to found and rule. It is told though, that when the boys started arguing over who should rule this new city, Romulus killed Remus (Burgan 16). After Romulus and Remus’s deaths, the empire started growing. Around 625 B.C.E. the Romans created the “Forum” which was used to buy and sell goods and to talk about politics (Burgan 16). The Romans built roads paved with stones, pebbles, or gravel. They also had a hump in the middle of them so that rainwater could easily slide off onto the sides (Burgan 19). When population began to rise, they devised a system to give out certain portions of free grain for people to be able to live. This was so riots and chaos…

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