Essay on The Cranes By Peter Meinke

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The True Love
Have you ever had a true love in your life? Love without benefits, pure love. In the story
“The Cranes” by Peter Meinke described the true love between two couples lived their life together and died together, two people who faced all the problems together by their love. The whooping cranes are rare birds. We see the writer comparing the similarity between these two birds and the couple (husband and wife). Words cannot describe their love. In these days only a few of the couples have a very strong love in their life and get older together, the husband and wife were worried about the change in the world, and how that will effect on the new generation
(her children); their love was bigger than anything in this world that cause them to separate from each other; therefore, they decided to live in another world.
In these days, how many couples have a strong love to stay together for a long time? In the story of “The Cranes” by Peter Meinke talked about an old couple loved each other very much. The writer did not mention the couple’s name, but he reveled them with the birds, whooping cranes, both of them share similar details. The husband and wife used to go to the gulf park for years, yet they saw a couple of rare birds. The husband said to his wife for a long time I did not see this kind of bird. According to the story “The Cranes” by Peter Meinke says, “I can not believe it. I have been coming here for years and never saw one.” In this sentence the writer

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