Essay The Court Room As A Young Child

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Teaching Justice “You can’t handle the truth!”, this infamous line from A Few Good Men is what sparked my interest in the court room as a young child. I watched this movie in amazement that someone could have so much passion in the job they worked in, something so foreign and unfamiliar to me. My childhood consisted of crime television shows more than cartoons which only increased my desire to look for a career in the courtroom. As I became more aware of the legal struggle of my people, I decided I wanted to become an immigration attorney. I became career orientated in my freshman year of high school; at Sacred Heart High School I joined the Barrister 's Club. The Barrister 's Club was for students who were looking towards a career in law; it involved luncheons with attorneys and judges, field trips to the courthouses and law schools. I was the only freshman who joined the club that year, I felt a bit intimidated by all the upperclassmen, the only person I found refuge in was the club organizer, Mrs. Ceccon. As the year wore on I learned that she was not only a government teacher, but she was once a practicing attorney. It was not long before that majority of my lunch time was spent in her classroom asking her questions regarding the profession and the politics happening at the time. Being a teacher, Mrs. Ceccon saw the passion I had for career and, therefore, motivated me to strive for excellence. Attorney’s like Mrs. Ceccon find it better to leave the practicing field,…

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