Essay on The Courage For Care : Rescuers Of Jews During The Holocaust

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Rittner, Carol, and Sondra Myers. The Courage to Care: Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust. New York: New York UP, 1986. Print.

“The Courage to Care” by Carol Rittner, is a book about non-Jews who risked their lives to rescue and provide shelter for Jews from Nazi persecution during the Hitler regime. It provide the first hand of rescuers and survivors testimony of how they maintain to escaped during the holocaust and what drive them to take their responsibility to comes to of needs Jews. The rescuers in this book are strangers from many difference countries, for example, Denmark, France, Poland, Norway: many not only open doors to Jews, but did many ordinary things for Jews to be safe by providing food, feeding, and keeping secrets from the Nazi so people couldn’t be kill for what they believe in. Some people in this book just rescue Jews because the way they were brought up, Christianity, some just for simplicity and empathy.

In the Courage to Care, there are several chapters that insight stories of rescuer and survivor account of the holocaust. For example, in chapter one, a woman gave an account of how she was save by her neighbor who was a catholic. “they are coming for you” she threw us quickly into her apartment and put us, my mother and me, into a broom a closet and closed the door” (Rittner 19). When the Nazi came to rid their house, her neighbor lied to them that Jews family upstairs has left the building and the Nazi shouldn’t even tried to check in their…

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