The Correlation Between The Age Of The Patients And The Amount Of Times

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The data given to us was from a small hospital in Rhode Island. The data is collected from randomly selected emergency room patients. The variables given to us included: gender: female or male, age: 1-92 years, stayed overnight: yes or no, visits: 1-38 per year, hours: 1-21, money: $98-$3674, and aliment: varies. The data collected was sample data since it is only a portion of the population that is representative. The sample size of this data is n= 120. I wanted to be very specific in my analysis so I choose to look closely into two variables, age and the number of visits per year. I want to study and evaluate the correlation between the age of the patients and the amount of times they visited the hospital that year. I believe that the patient with the high number of visits is affected by the age of the patient.

HO: The older the patient is, the lower the numbers of visits are per year
Ha: The older the patient is, the higher the numbers of visits are per year

Statistical Analysis

To evaluate the variables I picked to look closely to, I took in consideration a few different graphs and analyses. First, I wanted to get a visual of how the ages were distributed so I made a pie chart for age (binned) (Exhibit 1). I noticed that the ages were pretty distributed from 0-92 years. Ages 10-50 had about 50% of the pie and in that 50%, it was divided closely into 25% in ages between the years of 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, and 40-50. Then, I wanted to…

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