The Correlation Between Alternative Assessment Methods And Test Anxiety And Coping Mechanisms

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Students today experience stress much more than their parents. It can manifest in many different ways. Test anxiety if left untreated can be debilitating for the student. As a teacher, we should foster a safe environment for students to learn. If a teacher could change simple teaching techniques could it lower student test anxiety? Are there coping mechanisms that can be taught to a student that can be used successfully during high anxiety testing situations? The purpose of this study is to test various teaching techniques and coping mechanisms for students to see if they reduce student test anxiety. I want to use the information that I gather to create a template that teachers can use as a guide when creating lesson plans. The present study will investigate the correlation between alternative assessment methods and test anxiety and coping mechanisms that can be used with students who experience test anxiety. It will consider various teaching techniques and coping mechanisms that teacher can employ to help reduce student test anxiety. There are four predictions for the present study. First, it is believed that student input on the weighting of test combined with the ability to choose which questions to answer on an assessment will reduce test anxiety. Second, students who normally test on computers will have lower levels of test anxiety if given pretests on computers prior to administering the test. Third, it is thought that breathing exercises can be taught…

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