The Corrections Of Codex Sinaiticus And Textual Transmission Of Revelation

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For this week’s reading, I chose the article “The Corrections of Codex Sinaiticus and the Textual Transmission of Revelation: Josef Schmid Revisited” by Peter Malik . In this article, Malik examined a previous study about the revisions made during notable transcriptions of the Book of Revelation by Josef Schmid. Malik argued that Schmid incorrectly dated the Codex Sinaiticus (a fully Greek translation of most of the Old Testament, all of the New Testament, and some extracanonical books) as being from the fourth century.
To begin, Malik referenced several other works surrounding the textual conveyance of the Book of Revelation. Bousset’s work on the matter of text corrections was a valued source for Schmid’s conclusion. However, his study of Milne and Skeat’s work in conjuction with the German author’s, Bousset’s, led him to the conclusion that Sinaiticus was produced in the mid fourth century. Malik contested this conclusion and cited Hernandez’ work most often to support his claim. Hernandez, while even using the same Milne and Skeat source, concluded Schmid’s made a “serious dating error” and Sinaiticus should be dated in the seventh century. Malik’s continued citations of various composition dates for Sinaiticus pointed to one certainty: scholars cannot definitively agree on when it was produced.
To prove his argument, Malik discussed many subtle corrective actions (or errors depending on a scholar’s outlook) taken by scribes from various traditions. How any of these…

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