Essay about The Controversy Of Yellowstone Park

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Uh-huh. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! goes the geyser of the Yellowstone Park as it shoots up again.Have you ever been to Yellowstone Park well you should they have amazing features in this wonderful park. They have wonderful creatures and amazing things to see when you go on the trail or a hike. You would enjoy Yellowstone Park but maybe there are some things you might not like about the park. Have you ever wonder what happens under the ground at the Yellowstone park well, I have a secret to tell you. There is a super volcano under ground at Yellowstone park this volcano we recently discovered. Hank Hesler park geologist say” Public reaction has been very positive because people want to learn more.” I agree with scientist that when it erupts that it would cover the united states and Canada in ashes. The reason is because the super volcano is located in a hot spot zone. Which means “a small area or region with a relatively hot temperature in comparison to its surroundings.” It would be the end of society if this eruption happens. Have you ever wonder what a super volcano is and what it is made out of, well I do, try visiting Yellowstone park in order to learn about the supervolcano underground. .Many scientist think that it is unlikely to erupt any time soon. Experts say that imminent is not necessary. Scientist think that the eruption would cover the united states and Canada in ash 's it would shut down agriculture and cause global cooling for decades. Scientist says that we have…

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