Essay The Controversy Of Stem Cell Research

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Since the discovery of stem cell research, it has caused quite a controversy for many people. It has many different aspects that are sometimes not made known to people. Society often times feel very strongly about their own opinions on the topic and are not always willing to listen to other views or learn anything new. Many think the process isn’t ethical but some believe that the research taking place is necessary for the betterment of medicine. Today there are many different views and outlooks on stem cell research. However, some people are forming opinions based on limited information and not on the vast information available about the matter. There is a lot of false information in existence that people think is true and base their opinions around the untruths. Even the leaders of the United States disagree on the topic.
Government funding is another point that is highly discussed around the topic of stem cell research. Once, the President of the United States, George Bush banned government funding to go towards any research involving stem cells. He didn’t believe that it was ethical and or necessary. President Bush was very much against the research and initiated an act that banned it. He didn’t support any government funding and eliminated monies going toward the research.
On the other hand, our current President Barack Obama has an opposing view and revoked Bush’s act. He has since invested a lot of money into stem cell research and continues to do so. Obama believes…

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