Essay on The Controversial Statue Of Satan

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Last Saturday afternoon, the biggest coming together of Satanists in history occurred in the city of Detroit. They came together to see the opening of the controversial statue of Satan. The statue of Satan has been a topic of controversy since 2012 when the state of Oklahoma placed a statue of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the State Capital. Many viewed this as a violation of separation of state and religion. The fact that politicians invested their own money in the statue only boosted disagreement. In response, the Satanic Temple urged the Oklahoma government to allow them to place a statue of Satan on legislative property. The state of Oklahoma refused the proposal, and three years later the famous or infamous, depending on your stance, is finally unveiled and will be starting a tour across the nation. This is an issue of major controversy because as Satanic Temple spokesperson, Jex Blackmore, mentioned what are the limits of religion freedom and why are some religions encouraged?
The government has a major impact on the issue as demonstrated when the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the Ten Commandments monument violated the state constitution and ordered the state to remove the monument. The government could easily remove all religious displays and ban religion from playing a role in modern day business, education, and life, but that could be viewed as a violation of our first amendment rights. The first amendment grants us the freedom of religion. Does that…

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