The Contributions Of Martin Luther And The Roman Catholic Church

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Martin Luther was a very influential person not only of his time, but also in the centuries to come. He is the reason why most of us call ourselves Protestants and why we are so grateful for the salvation we have through faith, not works.

Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Saxony (now Germany) which was part of the Holy Roman Empire. His parents’ were Hans and Margaretta Luther. His father was a very hard working businessman and at an early age his family of 10 moved to Mansfeld. At the very young age of five Luther had begun his education at a local school where he learned three things: Latin, reading, and writing. During his teen years at age 13, he went to the school run by the Brethren of the Common Life in Magdeburg. The Brethren
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Many theologians and scholars were beginning to question the Church. The Roman Catholics had many problems. Two main ones that Luther opposed were its use of selling indulgences and false teachings. He decided to post his grievances in public. Committed to the strong belief that salvation could only be attained through faith in God’s grace alone, Luther hated the practice of selling indulgences and in 1517 went directly to the Church in Wittenberg and defiantly nailed “95 Theses” to the door. His “95 Theses” would soon become the basis of The Protestant Reformation and this act was the first …show more content…
Lying and personal gain were going on by The Church selling indulgences to help build larger Cathedrals and other buildings. People, who could not read the Scriptures for themselves were told their sins were absolved if they paid money. Other types of indulgences sold made them think they could have a “get out of purgatory card” for themselves or a family member for paying money. Martin Luther honestly wanted the best for the Church and its people, he didn’t want them to believe falsely. The church at that time was proposing lies to benefit themselves and they held the parishioners in their hands. Martin Luther would become the peoples’ person and he would bring light to their deceptive ways. He took on the Church and stood up and defended his beliefs and questioned the entirety of the Roman Catholic Church. Luther’s rebellion against the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church effected some reform regarding the granting of indulgences and other areas of corruption in

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